I had a quest to find mentors, so I decided to speak to them
From a quest to finding mentors to the decision to speaking to them

Think and speak positive is a podcast born out of a desire to find mentors for my own path as a creative entrepreneur.

🇩🇰  The starting point was Copenhagen
I moved to Copenhagen for a few months as I found an opportunity in a startup as an art director.
I discovered a vibrant startup scene and was inspired by the entrepreneurs I was surrounded by to tell the stories and behind the scenes I witnessed with enthusiasm and curiosity.

🎙  How it works discover the process
I had never created such a project before and it was a thrill and jump into the unknown. Learning all along from concept, recording, editing,... and so much more. But mostly I thought of it as a talk and that was my relief.

👉  You can dive into the process and goodies below.

Each episode features a conversation with a brilliant mind and entrepreneur on several topics and we get to discover more about who is the mind behind a great concept or vision.

🎙 Discover the guests of S1
Brillant minds sharing their vision
and enthusiasm to create, for growth.
It is all about the conversations.
One rule, being present during the talks.
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